About Us

Ijaz Sheikh, an accountant by profession came to Pakistan after working in Saudi Arabia for ten years to start a business as a partnership with his friend and colleague Mushtaq Ahmed. Mushtaq Ahmed himself was an accountant who had a work experience of twelve years in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Sheikh registered a private limited company by the name of Sigma Trade and Commerce in November 1985. By the end of 1986, LU biscuit was launched in Lahore by Continental Biscuits and Sigma Distributors got their sole distribution in the city.

In 1992, Sigma got the distribution of Tripple EM (makers of Super Crisp) and in 1995 the distribution of Omroc Pakistan as well. In 1998, Sigma Distributors achieved another milestone that is the distribution of Nestle Products. We enjoy an extensive experience of over a decade in satisfying our clients in the field of warehousing & logistics. Our network comprises 7 Distribution centers and more than 100 vehicles. Mr. Ahmed’s son, Salman Ahmed entered the business and took over the distribution of Nestle. In 2011, Mr. Sheikh’s son Ahmed Ijaz also entered the business and took over the management of the Unilever distribution. Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Ijaz had both completed their Masters in Business Administration from LUMS.